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Maryland Resident Agent Service in Oakland, Maryland!

Maryland Resident Agent Service for $49 Per Year

As your Maryland resident agent, we are responsible for accepting service of process, legal correspondence, state notifications and other important business documents on behalf of your business and forwarding those documents to you in a timely manner. Resident agent service is required for every Maryland LLC and corporation by law.

Our Maryland Resident Agent Service Includes:
  • Maryland Business Presence Package: Includes Choice of Domain with a Website, Email Addresses, and a Local Phone Number with Virtual Phone Service
  • Fastest Document Delivery in the Industry (Same-Day Notification)
  • Reliable Compliance Tracking, Updates and Reminders
  • Friendly, Easy-to-Use Digital Client Account for Managing Business Documents
  • Use of Our Oakland, Maryland Registered Office Address for State Filings
  • Lifetime Customer Service From Maryland Business Experts
  • One Price: $49 Per Year (No Hidden Fees or Upsells)

What a Resident Agent Does for Your Business

Every Maryland LLC and corporation is required by law (Maryland Code Title 2 § 2-108) to appoint and maintain a resident agent. If your business is ever sued, a court will issue a notification, called a service of process, and this notification will be sent to your resident agent. This is considered legal notice, and your business must then respond to the lawsuit.

As your agent, we accept service of process (as well as other documents) and upload it into your account. Then we notify you immediately that the document is ready for viewing. This ensures that you are aware of any and all lawsuits and can properly respond.

In addition, we also accept tax notifications, state compliance reminders, and other important business mail, all of which gets scanned and uploaded into your client account.


If you are doing any business in the state of Maryland, you’re going to need a registered agent. There is no need to look anywhere else but here! Maryland registered agent services have been a god sent for me and my company. From there help from common questions to helping file paperwork, they do it all. Price is perfect, customer service A+!!!!  -Jamahl D., Google Review


Why Hire a Commercial Resident Agent?

You can legally appoint yourself as your own Maryland resident agent. Which raises the question: why pay someone else to do it for you?

  • You Don’t Have a Physical Address
    Many businesses are work-from-home or online companies without a physical office. A Maryland resident agent must have a physical address in the state. Hiring a commercial service is considerably cheaper than leasing an office (we only charge $49 per year).
  • You Want to Stay Private
    The name and address of every resident agent is published in the public record in Maryland and can be easily looked up by anyone with a computer. Many business owners don’t want their information in the public record where it can be collected by spammers, junk mail listings, and other third-parties.
  • You Don’t Keep Regular Business Hours
    A resident agent must keep regular business hours throughout the year in order to be available for any service of process delivery. Since many business owners don’t keep regular hours, this can be a difficult challenge. Hiring a commercial agent ensures that your business meets the statutory requirements.
  • You Do Business in Multiple States
    Many businesses operate in more than one state but do not want to open offices in every state. Since you need an agent in each state, hiring a commercial service allows you to meet the legal requirements.

What If I Get Sued a Lot?

With our Maryland resident agent service, you pay $49 per year, that’s it. Our prices don’t go up just because you receive more service of process or business mail. We don’t charge per-piece of mail (many agents do charge more once you reach a certain threshold, so be sure to ask about this when researching agents).

No matter how many documents we receive on your behalf, we will scan and upload all of them into your client account the same day and notify you immediately.

How Do I Change Resident Agents?

To change your Maryland resident agent, you need only to submit a Resolution to Change Principal Office or Resident Agent to the Department of Assessments & Taxation. While the DAT offers a form that you can fill out, a simple signed resolution from your board of directors or general partners is sufficient.

The resolution needs to state the name of your company, the state in which your business was organized, the date of incorporation, the name and address of your new resident agent, and the signatures of an authorized person from your company and your new resident agent.

You cannot appoint a Maryland resident agent without their consent.

The resolution can be submitted in person, by mail or by fax. There is a $25 fee for normal four to six week processing, and an additional $50 fee for expedited processing (seven days).

When Should I Hire a Resident Agent?

You will need to hire a Maryland resident agent before you form your LLC or corporation (unless you are changing agents). You cannot submit Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation without designating a resident agent. The documents will be rejected by the Department of Assessments & Taxation without one.

Once you hire us, you will find all the necessary Maryland business documents in your online account. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you can use these documents (and our handy Maryland Business Filing Guides) to form your business yourself.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle, you can add business formation filings from your online account and we can take care of these filings for you.

Or you can hire us to form your Maryland business right now.